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About Legend Garden Condos

The Legend faces world renowned Mullins Beach, on the island's West Coast - the Gold Coast - home of the warm, calm, sparkling Caribbean waters. An enchanting, meandering 200-meter driveway, once an old sugar mill road, leads to the hotel's semi-landscaped estate full of palms, mango trees and tropical shrubs.

The Legend is a 250-year old plantation, on a 2 ½ acre property, lavished with over 60 coconut and palm trees, some set within a gully, overgrown with trees and vines, lining the north side of the property.

At the gully's edge towers a majestic 100-year old plus Bearded Fig tree, also a willowy, age-old Silk-Cotton tree, and if you're lucky and quiet, at dusk you will catch families of monkeys that come into the trees to feed, all hoping to steal away ripe Jubilee Mangos.

Hummingbirds, geckoes, amazing flowers, all overlaid with the trade winds' swish of the palms.., Will you ever be able to leave, is the question on your minds?

An appeal of the old mixed with the new, of the elegant blended into the wild is a manifest aspiration of this establishment.